Hollywood version of Akira

No, Im not kidding!

Apparently Warner Bros is planning the release of the first (out of 3 movies!!!) part next summer.

Akira (1988) is one of the classic animated movies from Japan which earned big success in the west. I guess Warner though they could make some money if the would produce a western version of Akira. It is speculated that Leonardo DiCaprio will play the part as the main character Kaneda. The setting is changed to “New Manhattan” instead of its original setting “Neo Tokyo”.

Personally I think this is yet another example of just plain bad judgement from western producers, underestimating american audiences, believing they are incapable to apprehend foreign cultures.

The Sofia Coppola movie Lost In Translation is starting to become more and more ironic, as it is the western countries that tries to adapt eastern cultures making it their own…however…movies like the hollywood verison of My Sassy Girl and now most likely Akira don´t really stand a chance of competing with their original films.

Seriously, would you pay to see this?


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