Weekend movie tip

Every (hopefully) friday I will give you a movie tip for the weekend. It will be both new and old movies, english or foreign language films.

Since this is the first week of this blog I want shine some light on movie that probably most of you havent seen or even heard of, yet is one of the best films I’ve seen this past year.

The title is Kwasok Scandle AKA Speed Scandal (2008)

Its the highest gross comedy of all time in Korea. And It truly deserves that spot.

Its a warm hearted comedy, easy to like…kind of feelgood movie actually. Normally comedies from foreign cultures are the toughest movies to appreciate. The reason for that is because comedies often reveal the social structures of a certain culture. If one does not understand these, then the jokes of a foreign comedy could be somewhat difficult to appreciate. However, with Speed Scandal, I find the jokes or more accurately the situations to be universally funny. Ofcourse there are times where as a westerner formerly living in Korea can see when the Koreans are supposed to laugh but westernes wouldnt understand. But Speed Scandal offers many funny situations or jokes, where people from any culture would fins quite laughable.

If you want a movie that makes you smile and feel good (who doesnt?) then I think you should give this movie a try!

The basic storyline is that of a fairly young radio star, living as a full blood bachelor, in his fancy apartment. One day a young girl makes a call to his show and tells him that she wants to meet her father which she never met. She also tells him that she’s got a son. The radio host encourage her to meet her father and explains how happy her father will be to meet his daughter and grand son. Then one day, just when the radio host is home preparing for a date…there is a knock on the door.


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