In the new age of techonology there is one thing that kept me pondering.

How come westerners don´t use, and are barely aware of their existence? When asians love them, and wouldn’t leave home without them? Im talking about the Portable Media Player known as just PMP.

Pretty soon after arriving in Korea last year, I became aware of all these small devices that everyone seemed to use everywhere, especially on the subway. It was usually mobiles with DMB-tuners (TV on the cellphone), mp3 players which played video, game devices as PSP…or these really neat PMP:s. A PMP is basically a device that plays both music and movies, like a bigger mp3 player with LCD screen. The biggest korean producer is Cowon. They also make the iAudio mp3 players wich you might be familiar with.

I really needed to know what the fuzz was all about so I went out to the gigantic electronic market in Seoul…yes it is really gigantic. After browsing, haggling, browsing some more and haggling some more, I finally got a Cowon P5 PMP. After using it for a while I began to see why so many koreans had one. Its pretty sweet when you are travelling to be able to watch your favourite TV-series, a movie or whatever you like. However a PMP is usually not that small or light, that you can just put in in your pocket. Most of them have 4-5 inches screens. Its definitely smaller than a netbook but not so small it would fit in your jeans pocket. Unless you are wearing like a parka with big pockets then you really need to carry a bag…which is no problem in Korea since all guys have these small bags with them.

I would say that if you live in a big city, travels a lot everyday or just dont want to bring your netbook when travelling far then I would seriously consider getting a PMP. The sound is also very often superior to that of mp3 players like ipod etc.

There is two companies dominating the market of PMP. Its Cowon and Archos, here are the top models.

Cowon P5

Its the best one out there. At least until Cowon decides to release a new model. However strangely enough, Cowon’s top model is not being sold outside of Korea but if you know someone or is planning for a visit in Korea I recommend you to get one! Otherwise the D2 or Q5 are very good alternatives, but then Archos 7 might be a better alternative.

Price: 600 USD (80 GB version)


Archos 7


Probably the best PMP you can get outside of Korea. Packs a 7-inch screen with 800 pixel resolution. Big HD of 160 or 320 GB. Compared to the P5’s biggest of 80 GB.

Price: 335 USD (Amazon)




2 Responses to “PMP”

  1. November 28, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    That Cowon P5 looks nice. Too bad that they only sell it in Korea, because I’d really like to upgrade my good old D2 with this one! 🙂

  2. November 28, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    If you are really keen to get one, I can ask my korean gf to buy and ship it. She is visiting me in Sweden at the moment, but will head back to Seoul in mid-january.

    Or if you want something in the future just give me a shout at johanforsberg82@hotmail.com

    In also planning a visit to Seoul next year =)

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