The future is here

Amazon Kindle                                     Barnes & Noble’s Nook

To me, the launch of e-books is perhaps one of the biggest happenings to our society in the 22nd century. Of course we kind of predicted that sooner or later even books would become digitalized. But its the ultimate media to be digitalized that show our society is now at the reach of becoming fully digitalized. Music and films have always (at least since you started to record music) been dependent on technology. However the third media, books, has never depended on technology. Is always been analogue. Always stayed the same.

Until now!

Well the launch didnt actually happen today. Amazons Kindle has been out for two years in the U.S. It is already a huge success in America and dominating the market with 70 percent. However as of monday, the Kindle will get serious competition for the first time. The book store Barnes & Noble will show off their brand new e-book reader Nook to anyone visiting their stores. Im not entirely sure if you will be able to buy them on monday or just play with them. You can also pre-order the Nook on their website with deliveries in mid January.

In my opinion, picking up a christmas gift this year has never been easier (I wasnt born when TV was invented). So wich one should you buy?

In general both of them seem good. They both have a few advantages and disadvantages to their competitor.

First of all Nook has two screens. One of them in color which resembles the iphone screen where you can navigate content or use it as a keyboard. However Kindle supports word documents which is not a feature included in the Nook.

Nook supports android and more importantly google books which hints that the selection of books will be wider than the Kindles. Nook has Wi-fi while Kindle only has wireless support. On the other hand Nook has no web browser…hmm.

The Kindle is somewhat lighter and battery life is 14 days compared to Nooks 10 days. Kindle also has a neat text-to-speech function which the Nook lacks.

Although the Nook has LeandMe technology which means you can lend a e-book to your friends for up to 14 days. Sweet!

Price? They are both priced at  $ 259

So which one you get depends on what features you value. Personally I like the design of the Nook better, plus its compatible with android.


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