Wanted labels: Julius

I would like to invite you to a guided tour to some of the most hidden, unavailable, sought after, kill your mum for, avant garde, high-end fashion labels the world knows. This will be the first blog entry in a series of presentations of brands you either know of and praise…or brand that you wish you knew of and will praise.

The first brand I want to introduce is the Japanese brand: Julius

I specifically chose this brand because it is one of the leading, most hyped, hardest to come by, brands in that thin fraction of fashion that truly deserves to be labelled, avant garde.

Julius is not only a clothing brand but a total concept and a complete creative aesthetic world which also encompasses Total Art Direction and Graphic Design. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life.
In 1996, Tatsuro Horikawa establishes his own company Third Stone Co, Ltd, followed a year later by his own label “Nuke”. Then in 2001, his art project “Julius” is initiated, he creates audio and visual presentations for Spring/Summer collections.
In 2004, he debuts in Tokyo Collection with Spring/Summer 2005 collections and show in a modern art gallery.

A collection is created when different elements are accumulated to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea.

These elements are the following :
Art, architecture, music, ambient, sound/ noise, travel, emotional communication and my own internal creative urge. The aim is not only to create simply “clothing” but rather, to create and contribute to a person’s total life-style and existence. It’s a similar process to making a movie and very sacred and profane thing.
Black is always the base of my creative palette. “Black” symbolizes the Avant-Garde and has a deep spiritual and noble meaning for me. I am obsessed by the image of “black” in Japanese Religion, in Zen. It represents the madness hidden in the shadows. It is the total colour of complete and utter grief says Tatsuro Horikawa.

Tatsuro Horikawa has long been known for his fusion of art and fashion into singular entities, utilizing a similar philosophy for both aspects of his career. He has long stated that “a collection is created when different elements are accumulated to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea” and the result has been present in his work with elements including architecture, music, art, sound, ambience, travel, and emotion. The goal then, according to Horikawa is to contribute to the lifestyle of the individual rather than just the wardrobe.

Black is the base for all creations in the Juluis line, and most clothing does not branch out much further. The idea of madness and grief that black symbolizes often appears in Horikawa’s work in the form of drooping strap, narrow legged pants, and heavy boots. The collections take their cues from recent developments in goth fashion from the likes of h.NAOTO but with more mature, upscale clothing as its base, including trenchcoats, tuxedo jackets, and slacks.

Because Julius began as an art project, the clothing is a secondary aspect, changing annually to reflect the direction in which Horikawa takes the label. His work utilizes a great deal of underground imagery and artistic expressions with heavy black leather as a common material.

Perhaps you feel like I once did when I first laid eyes on Julius; where can I buy it?


No stores…yet




Atelier N.Y.


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  1. December 16, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    bra initiativ, skön läsning.

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