The art of relaxing

Ive had a pretty hectic time the last few months and finally things are starting to slow down. And whenever they do, one of my favourite treats that makes me relax is a nicely done Old Fashioned drink! Im not going to give you the recipe since there are probably just as many recipes for an Old Fashioned as there are bartenders. The key ingredients are Bourbon, Ice, Water, Angostura, Sugar, some more Bourbon, some more ice, and then just a little bit more bourbon before its perfect! I prefer my Old Fashioned with an orange peel which you swipe on the inside of the glas.

The most important thing is obviously the bourbon. Don’t even think about getting something cheap (Jim Beam). My favourite and probably the most commonly used is Maker’s Mark.

The Old Fashioned is preferably served in a double old fashioned glas.

Once you got your drink, just kick back and enjoy some music.


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