Cowon V5 HD

I have mentioned these media players before. Coming in January is Cowon’s latest model the V5 HD.

“The PMP’s first HD content without loss of data passed between devices that support HDMI connector
When you connect a digital TV at home and comfortable with large screen HD video can be appreciated

COWON V5 HD’ an innovative and world-renowned BBE + Reverb effect is applied, the jet effect 3.0 Are equipped to take advantage and enjoy the original sound, without earphones with built-in speakers. You can easily enjoy the music. AR cold hands grip based on practical, stylish ergonomic design and 15.7mm-thick slim body and a mere 197g in weight to carry, target products,
When you use anytime, anywhere can feel at ease and comfortable design.

In addition, “Life is Love” with the concept of the Arts, and made fun of Puzzle Users. The interface is easy to use, as well as interesting. Drag the icon for freedom. Usage patterns can be moved to the desired location in the configuration menu can be tailored and optimized, the icon. When you touch the robots turn into cars and beating hearts can feel and have some fun hidden.

COWON V5 HD’ video with the built-in battery for up to 10 hours, up to 45 hours of continuous music playback and
Leisurely travel for business or even can be used to separate the boot process can be driven directly without
Up to 300 hours of sleep modes are supported. The need to use an SD card slot, depending on the free capacity. Can be extended.

YBM Preview of ‘E4U DioDic younghan / Article Starts with’ the base is mounted, and the subtitles at the same time playing video
Showing the visual language programs Avdic, instruction of the selected e-Learning exercise books 명가 Doosandonga duteseuteoreul, DIC (Electronic Dictionary) model, the younghan / 한영, work, Hanil, Sino-Korean / Korean-Chinese, 00. All the best dictionary gukeo amenities will be a learning assistant.
In addition, as well as T-DMB Plus My RSS viewer and voice recording, chaekbyu / manbyu, calculator, notepad,
Metric converter, digital picture frame, a world clock, office guru, flash games, SKT’s mobile games and a variety of convenient. Provides a number of additional features.” – Cowon.com

Best thing is that the price is almost half of the current top model P5.

The V5 starts at 250 USD


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