Voddler review

First there was Spotify, now Voddler. I got my invitation a week ago. I have been trying it out and having no other experience of this type of movie services I am impressed.

While US is over flooded with streaming movie services, Europe is quite the opposite. Because of complicated copyright laws within EU, licensing copyrights is a problem for companies such as Voddler or Spotify. I wont bore you with the legal mumbo jumbo…so how good is Voddler?

Well..firstly if you want the latest movies…you are better off with the illegal alternatives. In this sense it is not as good as Spotify. On the other hand there is a big difference between the two. While you can listen to a song or album on Spotify, Voddler delivers the whole experience of watching a movie. What Im trying to say is, you rarely watch a movie twice. Therefore watching a movie is kind of the whole complete experience of that movie, while you often listen to an album many times. And therefore Spotify does not deliver the complete experience, for that you have to buy the album.

The newest movies on Voddler, you have to pay for. Its around 5 USD for a movie. Pretty much like renting one…except you dont have to go to the video store…and you dont risk fees for not returning the movie in time. I found this service merely interesting. What’s interesting is of course what is free? Voddler offers a pretty descent collection of movies and tv series. Completely free! I only tested a couple of movies but the quality was excellent! No hacking or lagging. Only downside was the 5 min commercials before the movie starts. But I can live with that, considering it’s free.

The interface is very simple. You only use your keyboard to navigate the client. I dont like that the client goes fullscreen, which kind of limits doing other tasks in the meantime as commercials, but maybe there is a way of turning this off.

All in all, I can see myself using Voddler at times when I have nothing in particular I want to watch. Usually though you want to see a specific movie, which makes Voddler kind of limited.


1 Response to “Voddler review”

  1. 1 Smart viking
    January 5, 2010 at 1:09 am

    Thanks man! Very good review, fast and with lots of information! I just got a beta key, but the internet i use ATM has blocked the ports. So i was in desperate need of information.:)

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