Planning for Paris trip

Since we arrive on the evening of the 5th of Jan and leave at noon on the 8th, we have to be pretty well prepared for what to do and see in Paris. I wish I had more time so I could go see all the museums etc.

Besides the Eiffeltower, palais du louvre and the triumphal arch, here are the spots Im planning to pay a visit.

Palais de tokyo, is a contemporary art museum.

“The idea is to have no permanent collections, but to let experimental artists have somewhere in central Paris to express themselves, hence an opening full of “installation” and “interactive” art.”

L’eclaireur, is supposed to be the avant garde heaven carrying brands like Poell, m.a+ etc. In total there are five stores in Paris. I hope to go to the one on rue herold and maybe the one in marais

Shimji, is a small store in marais carrying different japanese labels.

Damir Doma, is the only store in the world of the croatian designer. One of my favourite designers. A visit here is definitely on my to-do-list.

Rick Owens, palais royale. Also a must. Maybe not one of my favourite designers anymore. But his designs are always interesting.

Comme des Garçons Black, is the brand’s new “Guerilla” store concept with prices slashed compared to the mainline.

Colette, is the super hip mother of concept stores. Limited editions of everything!

Bless, is a german label. Rumours says the shop is supposed to be quite cool.

Lafayette, is not on my list but my gf’s so I have a feeling its unavoidable.

If you have any specific recommendations, don’t hesitate to share your expertise =)


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