Paris day 1

Great day so far!

It started snowing in the morning but just for an hour or so. We started the day with a breakfast at a nice café.

Then off to our little tour of Marais. First stop was April 77. Then Isabel Marant where girls from all different ages shop. My gf purchased 2 tops. Next planned stop was Shimji, but apparently the store was no more. Instead Comme des Garçon Black pop-up shop was there. Nice items but way too small for me.

Next stop was Damir Doma, which was really nice and good sale…lots of items left even though they started the sale in december.

After Damir it was time for L´Eclaireur-mania! First the mens shop at Rue Mahler…where they had 50 % off. Lots of good items but nothing I really fancied. Then the newly opened shop at Rue de sevigné, designed by the belgian artist Arne Quinze…who doesnt want to call it a shop but “an experience”. Well…its a shop. Pretty cool one though.

L´Eclaireur Homme and L´Eclaireur at Rue de Sevigné

After the two marais shops we headed over to etienne marcel and the original L’Eclaireur Place de victoires. Probably the most secluded shop in Paris. Its just a green door and you have to ring a doorbell to get in. But it beat the other stores by far when it comes to coolness. THIS is how a shop should look like! Also carrying sought after designers as Carol Christian Poell and m.a.+, although they were not on sale, and unless you don´t have to look at the price tag, then you can not buy them =) But it was still an interesting experience.

After L´Eclaireur, we went to palais royale and checked out Rick Owens 40 % sale, which was kind of disappointing. Nothing interesting and the shopgirl didnt even know if the shoes were on sale.

Lunch at Pauls. Food is okay…which is way better than the service. After late lunch we headed back to the hotel for some well needed rest.

The plan for tonight is Palace de Tokyo and Champs Elysée.


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