Blood’s A Rover

Im not sure how it happened, but I have completely missed that my all time favourite author already published the third and final act Blood’s A Rover of his Underworld USA trilogy.

The two previous books were American Tabloid and The Cold Six Thousand. They are both on my top 10 list of best books I’ve read. American Tabloid is definitely on my top 5.

Ellroy is probably most known for his LA quartet (Black Dahlia, L.A. Confidential etc). They are alright. But its the Underworld books that really shines above everything else.

American Tabloid was such a great discovery for my reading that I can easily say it was the book that got me interested in reading books. Im actually having problems here typing the right words to describe it. It was like the “book-moment” equivalent to when I watched Terminator as a kid, or discovered Tarantino.

Underworld USA books take place in US between 1958-1972. Third book covers the years of 1968-1972.

The previous books were an orgy of sex, violence, drugs, killings, corruption and political conspiracy. From the reviews I gather the third book is no different…sounds promising! The violence is often described with an almost sadistic precision.

I strongly recommend everyone who likes fiction associated with words mentioned above to go out and get all three books! You should be warned though: Ellroy is challenging. The first two books were like 700-800 pages of Ellroy’s characteristic prose. He uses short sentences which is at times quite tiring to read.

They look like:

“Dwight put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The hammer hit an empty chamber. Buddy Fritsch shit his britches. Dwight caught the stench.

’How much?’

’Fuck you.’”

In sweden the book will be released in February.

Our biggest fan of Ellroy in Sweden? Jens Lapidius who wrote the book “Snabba Cash” (Easy Money). I enjoyed that book but can only conclude that Lapidius is a poor copycat of Ellroy. Its like comparing a 3 star michelin restaurant with McDonalds.


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