Paris Review

Back from our short trip to Paris.

Here is a short review!

Best food:

The Foie Gras and duck at the Les Philosophes in Marais. Nice restaurant, pretty crowded. Good service and reasonably priced.

Best dessert:

The Macarons at famous laduree is a must. Although not very priceworthy to pay almost 6 euros for a small cookie.

Coolest shop:

L’Eclaireur – Place de victoires, the original store is like a museum.

Best sale:

Damir Doma who still had a lot of the goodies in stock.

Nicest staff:

Yohji Yamamoto where the girl not only gave us directions to a good lunch spot but actually went out of the store to show us.

Most crowded – making you panic – store:

Galeries Lafayette/Colette at both these places I just wanted to leave as soon as I entered

Biggest surprise:

Barbara Bui makes fantastic clothes, shoes, bags…and yeah everything she does is outstanding! Definitely my favourite womens designer.

Biggest dissapointment:

Shimji because the store ceased to exist

Most underrated:

Just walking down to any little café or bakery shop and have a french breakfast of Croque Monsieur and coffee.

Most overrated:

Galeries Lafayette all the things you can find here, you will find at respective stores in a much more pleasant environment.

All in all it was a very nice trip and we had a really pleasant time. We only had 2 days but we had great food, and good shopping. I put my hands on the Damir Doma Jatro jacket that Ive had my eyes on earlier this fall when Fever still had it in stock. My gf got 3 tops/dresses from Isabel Marant and a very nice wallet from Barbara Bui.

Soldes is a real sale. 50-70 % markdowns from day 1. Not like 30 % for 3 weeks till all the good stuff is gone. Also the shops premier their customers by arranging private sales before the public one. This is why the stock at stores like L’Eclaireur etc was kind of limited.

French people in general are very polite, but even during such a short trip we did experience the typical french rudeness…from waiters to cab driver and staff at the airport.

Which is another story. Charles de Gaulles is by far the worst airport I have been to. Their system for check in is just plain stupid and the staff is not very friendly. The metro system also sucks. I was lucky to carry my iphone with me, which saved us a few times.

Weather was good but cold.

Finally some pics of the escargots and french onion soup I had for lunch yesterday….delicious!


2 Responses to “Paris Review”

  1. January 9, 2010 at 2:56 am

    nice review 🙂 I’ll remember this next time I go to Paris.

    Never tried escargots and probably never will O.o

    • January 9, 2010 at 3:47 am

      Thank you!

      You should try the snails =)
      They serve them in spinach and olive oil

      Also keep in mind that the review was for paris during sales. I bet Colette is real nice during regular seasons…and Lafayette is probably OK when its not sale =) They have lots of stuff there, but I prefer going to the actual stores where it not that many people and the service is better…also usually the selection is better at the flagship stores =)

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